A Goodlie Companye

A Goodlie Companye is pleased to present our first album, recorded live at one of our concerts.

  1. Sing We and Chant It
  2. O Occhi, Manza Mia
  3. Though My Carriage Be But Careless
  4. In These Delightful, Pleasant Groves
  5. If Ye Love Me, Keep My Commandments
  6. This Love Is But a Wanton Fit
  7. Ding, Dong! Merrily On High
  8. To Robin Redbreast
  9. E la Don, Don
  10. Suo Gan
  1. I Have Ere This Time
  2. Strike It Up, Tabor
  3. Full Fathom Five
  4. Poor Owen
  5. 'Tis Women Makes Us Love
  6. Never Weather-Beaten Sail
  7. Song of the Ship
  8. Since First I Saw Your Face
  9. Pastyme With Good Company

CDs cost $12 and can be purchased at any of our performances or ordered online. For delivery outside of the continental United States, please email us first to work out shipping details.